Society for Conservation of Nature
Save nature

Society for Conservation of Nature is a non profitable non government ogranisation registered with Society Registration Act 21, 1860 with the aim of Environment and wildlife conservation in their surroundings.

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What we are doing?

Environment and wildlife conservation by different ways.

  •  Ecological studies of different species
  •     Study of ecological degradation and biodiversity including status of species.
  •     Identification and restoration of places of natural significance
  • Environmental education and awareness in different target groups
  • Health & Sanitation
  • National integration and communal harmony


Conservation Action
  • Conduct head starting for endangered animals and anti-poaching operations.
  • .To conduct eco-development projects such as wasteland development, water and soil conservation, restoration and maintenance of wetlands.
  • Initiation and maintenance of plantations and carry out joint forest management and afforestation programs.
  • Networking at the village level for applied conservation and management.
  • Conservation of wild and indigenous varieties of crops and medicinal plants